Hi! I’m Guillermo, a copywriter, in love with creativity, empathy, and permanently on a state of curiosity.

Formerly an award-winning filmmaker, where I wrote and directed two feature films.

I live on one side of the spectrum and hang around the other: I’ve been a videojockey all around the underground scene of clubs and concerts of Brooklyn, but I’m also a video gamer and I can

talk you all about football and rugby.

I’ve hung my photography and video art at galleries, I’ve been a student of immersive theater and multilinear storytellings, but also I’ve been a corporate rat.

More facts about me, I am a Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master, I’ve taught filmmaking to sons and daughters of the Hollywood elite, and I travel alone but my best friends are spread

around the world. My values are live and let live, and I love cats.

Puedes ver mi currículum here.